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Clicker Training For Dogs

Fun –  Fast – Effective!

The All-Positive method of training that deepens the bond with your dog or puppy.  You and your pet will love learning how to communicate!  See more below…


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Click Train Treat
Good manners?  Obedience?  Tricks?
Trust?  Companionship?

Achieve them all with Clicker Training!  

Find out why every interaction is a training opportunity, why mistakes are best ignored, why punishment doesn’t work, and why your dog will understand the language of ‘click’ better than anything else.

Your dog will learn and interact with fun games and novel tricks. Clicker Training is used by professionals as a fast, kind, and effective way to happily train your dog.


•  Professional Clicker
•  Click-a-Trick Flip Cards

•  Training Book
•  Treats