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“Wow! I love using the MiniChip! It goes in so easily - the puppies didn't mind it all. And of course, this company is great to work with!”


Alpats Miniature Schnauzers

"I operate a cat rescue and we chip every animal that comes in. The Microchip ID 'Mini' is so easy to use! We make sure every adoptee gets registered, too!”


Dori's Darlings Rescue

“We use Microchip ID's Mini chip and the All-In-One Registration kits! I am truly grateful for this company and their products.”


Bowery Run Labrador Retrievers

“Thank you Microchip ID! Your 'mini' chips are great - so easy to insert and they read fine. Send us more! Of course, we register every microchip in every dog! ”

Toni Ann

Home For Good Dog Rescue

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Connected QR Tag EXCLUSIVE!! NO
Annual or Hidden Fees NO YES
Text Message Alerts YES SOME
30+ Years in Business YES NO
Live Call Center for Help YES LIMITED
Member AAHA Search Engine YES LIMITED
Free Online Pet Training YES NO
Free Web Account YES LIMITED
ChipChecker Fast Connect YES LIMITED
Multi Pet Management YES YES
Discounts on Pet Insurance YES LIMITED
Personal Data Shared NEVER YES
Free Nationwide 'Lost' Flag EXCLUSIVE!! LIMITED
Lost Pet Pics and Posters YES LIMITED
Located in the USA YES MOST

We manufacture and sell microchips with a 15 gauge needle. ‘Tiny but Mighty’, our mini is the best performing small chip in the world. At a great price!  See it Here!

7.6 million pets enter shelters each year. Without a microchip, some don’t find their way home. Some may be euthanized. Any puppy or kitten should be microchipped and registered for life…for permanent protection.  Add value to pets you sell with the BuddyID® ISO Microchip

No. The fee is charged only once, for as long as the owner has the pet. NO renewal fees, NO annual fees. Included: Nationwide SearchALERT any time, info changes, live help, cross listing in the national Pet Microchip Lookup Tool.

When you purchase chips, the numbers sold to your facility are traceable back to you. However, due to the modern use of the online Pet Microchip Lookup Tool, many shelters do not take the time to ‘backtrack’ a chip. So, it is crucial that any pet that leaves your facility be registered to a contact person or owner.

A pet with an UN-registered microchip, might as well not have one. Today’s busy shelters use the online Lookup Tool for fast recovery, so the pet and owner connection through registration is quite simply – critical.

Yes. Any brand or type of microchip is accepted in our registry. All registered pets are also protected in the United States national microchip tracking network.

Yes. We offer a complete line of microchips and registration products to pet stores, grooming shops and clubs. Visit our company website at Microchip ID Systems for prices and information.

From the Desk of Dr. John Wade

For 30 years, Microchip ID Systems has played a major role in the development of the microchip system for companion animals in the United States.

Today the network is fast, effective and universal.  However, not all microchip companies are the same, so I invite you to ask hard questions and dig deep before you choose.

Pet Professionals are a vital part of any successful microchip program.  The ‘chip’ you install in a pet today will stay with that pet and serve many needs during his lifetime.  We are here to partner with you.  Your success is ours.

John R. Wade, DVM

In Loving Memory of Dr. Wade
3/27/1952 – 7/15/2023