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BuddyBadge™ QR Collar Tag

Introducing BuddyBadge™
BuddyBadge™ is linked directly to your pet’s microchip registration to quickly reunite you with your lost pet.


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Add an additional layer of protection for your pet with a BuddyBadge™. The finder of your pet can scan the tag to be immediately connected to you and their exact location can be sent to you for a speedy reunion! You can even share important details about your pet such as medical conditions, temperament, vaccine status and pet insurance in case of an emergency.

You can use the BuddyBadge™ to access your account! Simply scan the tag to login to update your contact information or teach your pet new tricks with the Training4Good Video Library.

  • Cell phone scannable QR collar tag
  • Eliminates the need to take the pet to be scanned. Saves time and is less stressful for your pet!
  • Finder can send you their exact location
  • You choose what information is shared
  • Important details about your pet can be shared

Link the tag to your existing registration and your pet is covered for life. There are no activation or annual fees for this simple and effective protection that your pet deserves.