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PocketHero™ ISO Reader

PocketHero™ ISO Reader

Your own microchip reader! Check the chip anytime, anywhere! PocketHero™ Reader is fast and solid. Designed, tested and produced by Microchip ID Systems.

Recharge with supplied USB cable. Send chip number to connected device.

Keep the test chip fob away from animals when scanning. Test number is 933007125056789 or 933000000000000. Rescan animal if either number appears on the reader.


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  What’s in the Box?
PocketHero™ Reader and Instructions
Protective microfiber carrying case
Durable ‘Test Chip’ Fob
Mini USB cable
Reads only ISO 15 digit chips – from any company or country. Does not read 9 or 10 digit chips.* 
Size:  4.75 inches long.
 Bright viewing window – use any time of day.
 Battery level icon in window.
 Auto turn-off saves battery life.

PocketHero™ is ISO Certified and will read only the 15 digit ISO certified chips.  TIP:  ISO chips always have 15 digits and they never have letters – ISO standards are worldwide.