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Hero Universal Reader

Rated ‘BEST SCANNER’ by our veterinarians and customers. Universal, fast and easy to use. Instant Bluetooth®, gives Hero the power to scan a chip and instantly send it to your waiting Bluetooth device. No more typing or entering microchip numbers into your computer.

A Best Buy!
Hero is the advanced chip reader for everyone.  Well priced and built to do the job, Hero is uncomplicated yet full of features!

One-Touch Bluetooth®  Simple and Fast.
FCC Tested and Certified for safety.
Perfect size: 7 inches tall.
Bright viewing window – use any time of day.
Entire chip number displayed on one line.
Chip number stays in window for 15 minutes! (Yes, we get it.)
Universal Chip Reading *
Battery level icon in window.
Auto turn-off saves battery life.
Uses simple 9V battery (Included).


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INCLUDED >>  Chip fob with built in ‘Test Chip’ and FREE Carry Case. Keep the test chip away from animals when scanning. Keep the test chip fob away from animals when scanning. Test number is 933007125056789 or 933000000000000. Rescan animal if either number appears on the reader.

* Reads these types of chips:
All 9, 10 and 15 digit chips.
All ISO chips.
All Brands.
NOTE: Will not read discontinued AKC Trovan chips.

Warranty: One year from purchase date.